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  This is one of my favourite quotes related to marketing, because it’s so true. Retail therapy is a thing.  And for good reason.  People like to shop.  They like to buy products and services that make them feel good and make their lives easier.  But have you ever encountered…

Many people ask “How do I post the same content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?”   My gut answer?  Don’t!   Every platform has a unique voice. It might be faster to post simultaneously to each platform, but your posts will resonate and engage with people if you use the…

Red Bull’s Marketing Strategy is highly coveted and highly secretive.  Why?  Because it resonates!    Why?  Their strategy is not about the product… at all!   Look on their social pages and you won’t see one product promotion post. Now look at their website… sports news, stories and events.  No…

Is there a difference between branding and marketing? In some ways, it’s a very definite yes. Similar to the difference between a soul and a body. There are differences but they are both needed and blend together to form a living being. Such is the story with your brand and…

Let’s say you are opening a bar in New York City.  It’s a pretty crowded market.  Traditional marketing-think would say to be centrally located, well-signed, amazing website, have a strong social media presence, do some advertising to get started… perhaps? Now, picture this. You walk into a Hot Dog joint….

Hi Everyone!  I’m Naomi and I’m the face behind Mosaic Marketing.  I started Mosaic Marketing in January, and am uber-excited to say we have hit the ground running!  In the short time we’ve been in business, we have had the privilege of working with some really fabulous clients in various…

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