How to re-purpose content across various social media platforms


Many people ask “How do I post the same content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?”


My gut answer?  Don’t!


Every platform has a unique voice. It might be faster to post simultaneously to each platform, but your posts will resonate and engage with people if you use the voice that is native to that platform.  


Finding your voice

Twitter does best with short and sweet soundbites and is a very conversational platform – the cocktail party of the social media scene.  Video does well here but in short 30 second snippets.


Facebook and video should be thought of as siamese twins!  Video performs extremely well on Facebook, and outshines images, articles or text posts.    I personally prefer to read than watch a video – I read faster – but I am the minority.  It’s nice to post the written version on Facebook as well, for weirdos like me.  Facebook is a social, fun platform, so any written posts should adopt a fun, light-hearted tone.  


LinkedIn doesn’t allow video posts – yet!  Although they have started videos by influencers with whispers of plans for us common people to use it in the future.  For the time being, written posts do best here – with images and commentary done in a professional, more polished manner.


So how DO you multi-purpose content?


There’s no right or wrong, black and white answers in social media – and that’s the fun of it!  But here’s one example.



Post your article on your blog.  Yes, if you have a business, you should have a blog.  If you create a video version, include this in your blog post.



Post your written article on LinkedIn as an article.  You can post updates in groups and on your personal profile with a soundbite to hook readers to check out your article.  This can be the form of a question, a tidbit from the article itself or a brief summary of what the article is about.  



Create a video, where you run through the same basic content as your article – but on video.  This can be done in a polished, edited manner or even in a casual, selfie-style video on your phone (as I did in mine…)


Post a written version or link to the written version along with a summary to accommodate people who prefer to read than watch a video.  (We do exist!)



Create a 30 second video that entices people to read your article.  Post the link to the article in your tweet. Extract soundbites from your article and post them as stand-alone tweets.  Don’t be afraid to link to the same article multiple times on Twitter, but use different wording to spice up your feed.



Do a snapchat story sharing the concepts covered in your article.  Take a screenshot of where people can find your written article.



You can download your story from snapchat and upload it to instagram or video yourself sharing the concepts in the same manner as snapchat for Instagram Stories.  You can re-use your Twitter video snippet in your main Instagram profile if it’s 15 seconds or less.  Instagram doesn’t accommodate links in posts but you can give the name of the page where they can find the article.


As you create content and build your following on various platforms, remember to cross-promote.  Have your Facebook followers add you on Snapchat for exclusive content, or ask Snapchat followers to join in a conversation on Twitter.  Creating engaging content native to each platform encourages people to follow you on more than one platform, as it won’t be the same old, same old.  
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